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music hunger blog is the place for music lovers around the world, we're here to create a platform and community that will allow people like us to enjoy understand & learn more about music About the music industry, artists and their ways of acting

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Our goal is to create a creative and happy place for music lovers We want you to enjoy our experience so put on your favorite music and enjoy the sound and harmony of music If you’re hungry for music like us, you’ve found the right place.
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meet shlomi

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Nice to have you on my blog! My name is Yannick, a 34-year old Belgian who is now living in Athens, Greece. I am single by choice (for now) and enjoying every aspect of life that I had my eyes set on. This blog is about the things that you can do with and from music to make the most out of it. It may be funny, sad, quirky, cringy or just bad, but it will be mind. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment to talk to me.
music blog yanik maker
Shlomi, a jewelry artist and musician spent most of my free time making jewelry and music. soon realized that music & jewelry is my greatest passion in life. It gives me the feeling to both create and give something to people. traveled make jewelry & music in Germany, London, Greece, and Hungary,over time I gained knowledge experience and good friends. After many years of traveling and learning about the beauty of our world.

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”with this blog  I hope to bring the same feeling of connection with elemental forces that have given me so much strength in life that I once needed.”


”The only thing missing in life is often the realization that we have lost touch or connection with our most important inner feelings, and through this blog, we hope you can regain that spark. May it shine forever”

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