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How did you come up with the name?

This came long time ago when I was in high school or secondary school as it is called in Nigeria. My mum ( jah bless her soul ) and I were preparing for my resumption to junior secondary 1 and we were assembling my belongings for the dormitory when she realized I had no name to tag on all of them to prevent theft or total loss in the dormitory. So she began to coin names till she got “Smoc” which are initials to my names “Samuel - Makuochukwu- Ofonna - Chiedozie “. Then as years rolled , the boy got good with his music skills, the lads in the form began to attach “weezy or wizzy “ to Smoc probably because Lil Wayne who is called weezy was reigning big then and wizkid was just on the come-up. In general it signified a suffix of one who was showing unimaginable talent for his age for I wasn’t already know for doing good songwriting and executive productions of songs we make off beating the lockers ... haha 😆. So as it became clearer to me that I would be doing music professionally, I had to remove “W” and add “K” to complete the consonant sound of “C” when you pronounce “Smoc” while you add “Izzy” . So we had “Smoc-K-izzy”

How would you describe your music?

My music is a meal comprising of HiTrapLife and Afrojuice dishes . It is one heavily inclined to Melody off my new found genres above which are fusions of highlife of south east Nigeria (igbo ) roots and the western trap hip hop which are still Afrocentric. So you can see how I am building a bridge from the West Africa to the americas uniting the black culture . Afro juice is a sweetness of Afro rhythms and soul in a carefully composed melodic sequence . All these can be seen from tracks I have released lately , Sapphire - Before The Sunrise.

What is your creative process like?

I mostly get the vibe from the inspirational clouds and then I download to the natural . I love listening to new producers especially those I find online who make sweet , happy melodies that tilts to my style I described earlier . You will find me asking my friend “The Holy Spirit “ to help me get the perfect melody to make a hit out of what am creating and sometimes I sleep and they tell me how to navigate the melodies. I believe in the spirituality of music and like to tap from the abundance of the infinite intelligence which is the Holy Spirit. Then I’ve decided on a track and the purpose for its release, I hit up my man Kezlouis or any of the producer friends who I think will do justice to it and get recording . I heavily influence my production and direct according to how I got the inspiration from the divine . I speak in tongues a lot and it helps too.

Where have you performed?

I have performed in a lot for stages, all through campus days . I have performed at modeling and pageant shows , on tv , city shows , even in the bus 🚌 while traveling lol 😝. The biggest stages I have performed will be @ Star Trek tour to Ekwuluobia , Anambra state in 2014 and Russia in Lagos fan fiesta of 2018 were I was the host , MC and artiste. It was a FIFA event in partnership with Lagos state government to bring the World Cup experience to Nigeria for those who won’t be making it to Russia .

What is your favourite song to perform?

Not just one . It depends the crowd . Nwayoo Nwayoo is a groovy african dance song that relates to the streets of where I am from because I made it in 80% igbo , I have igbo kwenu which is a gyration vibe to hail my people and salute their excellence , there’s #BeforeTheSunrise my most recent song which should be a world hit for its lovely blend of positivity in lyrics with head bumping- speaker shaking 808’s and excellent happy melodies. S/o Kezlouis for the 808s and Viper Beats from 🇬🇧 for the melodies and intrinsic components depicting the HiTrapLife style.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any releases planned? Future gigs?

I have lined up an EP series . Just as you have in movies where a producer releases series, that’s how my am coming this time . Every track has a strong connotation to the title of the project it’s found in and at the end of the whole Series you will get to understand the tale of my life as I will systematically serve it . For all who’s going to read this our interview , just know that once you see an EP from me having “at the sunrise” in it , you have met what I told you today .

Would you have any advice for would-be artists or songwriters wanting to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is to trust in the process. Your process will be unique to you alone and never think it will be like Smockizzy’s or any other top artist of your time . In this I mean , I had to spend years I never expected under while being so good to have been a sensation right from the jump but you see the process hasn’t bred me to be what I couldn’t have asked for if I was given a blank Cheque by God himself . So trust your maker , ask of the Holy Spirit to guide you on your decision and career . They know your destiny and how it’s written.
Most importantly know what you want . The industry is not a warm place . We are always competing even in between the smiles. Don’t fall victim to scammers and distractions . If you do, remember I told you and run off that track back to yours . No time for sulking . You will be glad you didn’t quit if this is your true calling .

And lastly, give us a rundown of who is in the band and what they do.

my name is Smockizzy and am a #hitraplife / #Afrojuice artiste from Nigeria . My skills is my unique ability in songwriting and composition.. I know the music business a whole lot courtesy of my years of still being unknown while putting in hard work. I now run a digital music marketing company to help artists called Folicom Views Digital. Soon to be a real producer . Am an executive producer as well, actor , chef and could have been a footballer (soccer) .

Smockizzy - Sapphire (Official Video)
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