Being a musician

Being a musician is hard work & not always fun

Being a musician

Many people only see the beautiful things about being a musician. How
everyone loves and admires you, and it look likes everyone does everything for you on the sidelines.
It can sometimes seem like musicians are not working. As thought they
get on stage, play the show get money, and repeat.

Let me tell you something – it’s all part of the show and it’s not at all like that.
The way to get someone to do something for you is a very long process and
you usually end up doing it yourself or paying people to help you.

Let’s go backstage on the musicians’ lives and the hard work they do to try to get to the top

Learning & doing – being a musician

To reach a good level you must spend a lot of time learning and developing your ability to play instruments, learn new things and get new information everyday, revising old knowledge to improve it
and in addition, you have to rehearse all the time and be fit for live performances.

you can read this to learn more about performances

Learning & doing

It is necessary to deal with stress and a very tight schedule, persist and maintain self-discipline, nights on stage, days preparing and marketing the music in interviews , radio, television shows, interviewing for newspapers;
you could say they never really rest.


No one is going to fund you and it takes a long time for you to start making any money from your music.
The time we spend on rehearsals is free, mostly we pay money to rent the room so we will be able to have any rehearsal time.

Lots of money goes on equipment that we need to perform with.
we need to be upgraded over time.
There is always something else to be paid.

Moving from place to place

Nobody carries the equipment for us, many times the equipment is cumbersome and heavy and at the same time sometimes moving equipment will cost you because the equipment can be destroyed, stolen, or lost.

We usually transport the equipment in our vehicles or on public transport.
It can be on the way to performance, rehearsals, or a lesson.
We usually carry the equipment by ourselves and most times it is very heavy
and we will do it daily.

Being a musician

Persistence – must not give up

Every day without training or without doing is a wasted day.
The music industry is a very difficult world and you must stay up to date. sharp tuned, and fit.
Take the opportunities to get in touch with key people from the music world and constantly try finding them.

Mental stress

If you think that getting back on stage every time and singing is just fun and easy then you are mistaken.

Sometimes the fear makes you paralyzed, sometimes the rush makes you crash.
All this pressure can take your inspiration and turn it off and so that’s why

you have to keep on creating no matter what.
However, there are barriers that we as humans and also as musicians need to resolve and deal with.

My story

I can tell you about myself as a teenage boy who was in love with music, everything would come very easily because it was my passion.

If you just want to be on the stage and not ready to work hard for it, it just won’t go.
Music is a job and like everything else it can become uneasy.
Music is a daily investment.

If you are not afraid of music and success, prepare yourself to work hard for it.
Nothing good comes easily
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Let’s finish with an amazing song by an amazing band that has performed some amazing shows.

acdc – For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) – monster of rock 1991