My music is a meal comprising of HiTrapLife and Afrojuice dishes . It is one heavily inclined to Melody off my new found genres above which are fusions of highlife of south east Nigeria (igbo ) roots and the western trap hip hop which are still Afrocentric. So you can see how I am building a bridge from the West Africa to the americas uniting the black culture .

Buying a guitar online why is it not delivered adjusted and fully set-up

Buying a guitar online: why is it not delivered adjusted and fully set-up?

Can a guitar or bass guitar that you buy online be completely adjusted before it is shipped? It is a question that is asked regularly. That is why we explain in this blog post what is involved in adjusting a guitar and why it is not possible, or wise, to have your brand new guitar …

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Welcome to our interview! Feel free to share some love with us and check our website and music using the links below. We would also appreciate it if you shared this article on social media, it really helps us out and we appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing …

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seizure machine artist spotlight album interview

Seizure Machine

Either of us will start a song (usually as an instrumental or idea from a jam) and we will both work on production while our vocalist also works on lyrics and vocals. We usually end up making a few versions of the same song until we're satisfied with one.

Aurore Sibley

I’m writing from home and most often a song is inspired by a difficult experience. I might wake up with a line in my head that has a melody, and then I’ll sit down with a guitar and go from there.

rkham artist spotlight


How did you come up with the name?Batman relatedHow would you describe your music?A mixture of hiphop, indie pop, and spacey trap. Centered in having a message and expressing my thoughts, it is very grounded music.What is your creative process like?Alot of my process is based on freestyling and finding instrumentals that connect with me. …

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