5 great gifts for musicians under $ 100

Gifts for musicians – 5 great gifts for musicians under $100

Great gifts for musicians

Hey, guess what? We like gifts too! So to give us a nice treat, I’ll start it off with nice gifts for the musicians out there ranging under $100 , which shouldn’t be that hard.

Just don’t forget to order them in time!

So lets get started on 5 great gifts for musicians

A great headset or headphones

We don’t want to have the speakers on all the time , not because the quality is bad, but because sometimes we don’t want to hear the outside noise and especially not the neighbours.

So I’ve been using headphones for years, and I’ve come to like a couple of them. Since I’m keeping this list under $100, some of them didn’t make it, but here are the ones that I recommend. (and still use) Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Something fun from their favorite music or band

My all-time greatest bend is Iron Maiden and for those who don’t know them go on Youtube and check them out. When my friends got me the “Iron Maiden killers” t-shirt for New Year’s, I fell in love with (the t shirt) on the spot.

5 great gifts for musicians under $ 100
I have no idea why the text is mirrored, but I wanted to use this picture

You can buy these things from any online merchant that specializes with music or band goodies, but I would recommend ordering it on the official website.

It will be a bit more expensive, but those things are built to last and at least feel genuine.

Also, that’ll be the last picture of me 🙂 not

Don’t purchase music, but buy a subscription or gift card

Most musicians will also love music, or so I’m told. But please don’t just buy the newest or most expensive music if you have no idea whether they’d like it or not.

Truth is, you can probably never go wrong with music that has amazing reviews, that way you can play it safe.

There are some really great stores out there and they all provide gift cards.

Can’t go wrong with these things and $100 could mean lots of gifts for us and we will be very happy

Smart buyer.

Portable amplifier – Allow me to play anywhere

This is definitely one of the most useful and fun gifts I have ever bought for myself, I was so happy to go out to the park and play my electric. This thing gave me freedom and it’s great as a gift if you have a friend who likes to play musical instruments and need amplification that is simply beautiful.

So I recommend these two:

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Trust me, any musicians who likes to play wants to have one of these. It allows us to be free.

Auto tuner – We love Gadgets

Sometimes it’s very frustrating to tune your musical instruments especially when you really want to play immediately. I came across this cool invention and think any musician would be happy to get one – it’s bliss

JOWOOM T2 Smart Automatic Guitar & Ukulele Tuner | Fast Acoustic Guitars Auto-Tuner With 180RPM Electric String Winder | Safe & Professional Grade Tuner For Ukuleles | USB Rechargeable Battery | Black

This was 5 gifts for musicians

But don’t worry if this is not enough we have extra for you

Every musician needs and wants to know more and learn more,
It’s part of our process and it’s part of our passion.
At the same time, knowledge allows us to evolve, so it’s important to give a musician something to learn from.

This is the best way to show you care. After all, that’s why we give presents, isn’t it?

Recommended Knowledge for Musicians – The Perfect Gift

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