How to be more free while jamming.

How to be more free

How to be more free while jamming – My experience as a musician has taught me how some people take it too scientifically and forget about the true feeling of music. But where is the magic in music? I, as an autodidact, find it very easy to pick up my guitar and play along with anyone.

And even if I feel that the musicians that I’m playing with are more skilled than me, I will find the correct notes to join with the harmony, without needing any preparation. And mostly having fun playing and enjoying the jam.

What I did, in order to get there

It was a very simple and humble journey. When there were people playing, let’s say, on a beach, I would not have the courage to go play with them. Instead, I would take the time to listen, to get the feeling and to grasp their vibe. I would be training my ears, trying to follow into their music, play silent notes that they didn’t hear, but learning to be a part of it all. Thoughout it was a process of understanding the harmonies, learning the secrets of their music, while all I wanted was to fit in.

How to be more free while jamming.
I practice improvisation skills in Greece

After a while, let’s say three months

I was practicing along with them without them knowing, and I could see and hear the change and the synergy that my own music created towards theirs. That’s the moment that I felt ready to jump into the sea and learned to swim in their music.

It was good. For the first time, I was accepted as a musician, in a group I didn’t even know before. I was teaching myself to play with any musician without even knowing. It just happened to be.

The reason I share this, is

if in your life you ever feel that is impossible to improve or join a jam, I’m here to tell you that everything is in your hands. There is nothing that can keep you back. The lesson is: go for it, & enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to make any mistakes, we only learn from them. And next time we will be better, because of them.

I pay attention and have noticed that there are many talented musicians who don’t believe they are able to jam without notes. Let’s try to understand why.

From interviewing these colleagues, they were explaining to me how they learned their sheet music from a very young age. They had been practising mostly theoretical and technical parts, making them not confident enough to improvise. However, If I would ask them to join me for a simple jam, they would sit and listen, claiming they needed notes and papers to follow, but I would tell them to forget about the papers and just follow their emotions and instincts instead of their brain and knowledge.

I feel, that this is a different style. It’s the difference between playing from the mind and playing from the soul.

I would say, in other words, playing from your ear or playing from emotions.

and this is how I’ve learned to be more free when I play.

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Extra – How to be more free

If you want to learn more you can check out the following article, I think they have some nice tips for you.

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I highly recommend grabbing your musical instrument, putting on background music, start experimenting, and practicing for yourself in improvisation and jam – On this site you can find music to play with

NOW go play, learn, and enjoy!

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How to be more free while jamming.
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