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What Is Cymatics visualized Sound

What Is Cymatics visualized Sound

Cymatics visualized Sound


Let me introduce you to a fascinating, mind-boggling, and exciting phenomenon of sound; Cymatics.
First of all, telling you about its primitive facts, cymatics is a smaller version of “Modal Vibrational Phenomena.” Hans Jenny first tried when he used different materials such as sand, dust, liquids, and other fluids on a metal plate to see sound images.
It is the technique of representing the frequencies of sound in a visual manner. The audio frequencies can be seen and observed by a normal man through this technique. It can be as simple as using a plate and water with sound played.


Why Is It A Food For Thought?


We usually tend to hear music and feel it with different sensations.
You often listen to music, and you know how certain types of music will affect you. Upbeat music will make you happy.
Slow and melancholic music will make you sad with a strange peacefulness.
Dramatic music will make you anxious, and party music makes you want to dance. The thing people do not ponder on is, how music looks like.
If someone shows you how each type of music looks like, you will be amazed by the fact. Cymatics lets you see music. It uses the vibration of different frequencies to produce patterns that tell you the regions of high density and low density.
The regions with high densities collect more particles.
Thus, you can determine the wavelength and see the image of the music.



CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford


How Can One See Cymatics visualized Sound ?


There are numerous ways to perform this technique. One of the methods is to place a petri dish on top of a speaker and put alcohol in the petri dish. When the speaker plays music, the fluid inside the petri dish vibrates and creates different patterns on the fluid’s surface.
In the same way, you can use water to see the effects of music. When water is flowing through a pipe and spurts out, it provides a certain frequency of the music. It will change the path of water in specific patterns.
Each audio frequency depicts a different pattern, and this way, you can visualize what kinds of shapes sound can produce.
In conclusion, you can see what music looks like. You can observe the music pattern and see how each frequency or type of music produces unique and intricate patterns.


What Is Cymatics visualized Sound



How Do These Frequencies Affect Us?


It has been studied for a long time, and people have concluded that music affects our bodies in many ways, as it is evident that music affects our mood.
There is always a reason behind everything, and the fact that music can change our emotions is proof that music can induce different things in our bodies. Not only music activates certain hormones for emotions, but it also influences other factors in our body.
As people studied the effect of music on the human body, it is proven that different frequencies showed different biological effects when cell cultures were tested. Music can be used in therapy. Frequencies like 432 Hz, 440 Hz, 528 Hz are used to induce sleep in people.
They have proven to produce an influence of deep sleep and tranquility for the body.
These frequencies are used to treat anxiety and people who suffer from panic attacks.
The frequencies modulate with neural impulses, allowing the brain to perform certain functions. Thus, it can be said that music can surely do wonders.
It is estimated that with further study, music can be used to treat more extraordinary diseases and complexities of the human body physiologically other than emotional well-being.


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