Learn music notes quickly & easily!

Learn music notes quickly & easily!

We will talk about why you should Learn to read music notes & how

When I just started learning music by myself I began with the guitar. Mainly I wanted to learn to read music notes but I did not know anything about it, I was simply trying to remember as I went along.

I’d often find myself puzzled after creating a piece of music where I couldn’t recall it. I just didn’t know to write notes nor read music so it proved to be very frustrating trying to learn and create this way.


At most times when we are just starting to study music we have a great passion for it. All we want to do is to know more and more but often times we soon give up. It’s because when we find the right way to read music notes we see how hard it is and are convinced that it’s too difficult.

It’s very hard to find the motivation to keep going without the right tools.

  • We cannot find the notes on our instrument
  • We don’t remember which note is which
  • We always get confused between the notes
  • We don’t have the ability to write what we want to create

When we just start a new interest in music… most of us dream of playing our favorite songs, understanding and maybe creating music of our own. Or just having fun playing for family and friends.

Learn music notes quickly & easily!

The problem is no one warned us: music notes are difficult to learn.

Many music courses just want you to remember things in a repetitive way alone. You continue trying to get it but then you end up attempting to guess how the song goes!

If we could break this block, we could fulfill the dream & play beautiful music!


I have learned, studied and made music for the last 15 years and I know of this problem. I’ve experienced it firsthand and I have tried lots of courses and books and it hasn’t really helped

One day, I had found a way to learn to read music notes in a quick easy & also fun way.

This course:

  • Makes the learning of music notes fun
  • Shows beginners techniques to remember
reading music notes diagram
Music notes become easy with clear colorful diagrams!

 You will learn music notes with a brand new memory technique, combined with a dash of fun.

 You will be hugely entertained by the hilarious voices of the ‘Gang of Seven’ characters used in this ebook. Embedded behind all the illustrations of the Gang of Seven members are voice clips that you can play as you view the ebook on your computer screen, simply by clicking on each picture with your mouse.

 You will also enjoy playing the music clips embedded in all the keyboard and staff diagrams. As you listen to every note that is discussed, by clicking on the diagrams, you will easily relate the material to your own keyboard.

 You will get a feeling of achievement as your knowledge of each music note is locked in when you use the free bonus flash cards.

 This ebook’s simple explanations of basic music terms such as octaves, bar lines, ledger lines, and the bass, alto, tenor, and treble clefs will help you master the fundamentals of music theory.

 Also included in this ebook is a unique Gang of Seven Musical Map Chart that will give you an overview of all the notes on the Great Staff. (This makes a great teaching aid to frame and set up near your keyboard or piano!).

 And best of all… your enthusiasm for music will grow stronger day by day as this ebook helps you easily conquer the biggest obstacle facing new music students — how to read music notes.

It’s easy to get started right away. Just

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Learn to read music notes quickly & easily!

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You’ll be downloading the book in just two minutes from now (no matter where you live and even if it is 1:00 am). This guide is in electronic book (ebook) format, which means you can download it right on your computer and you can start using the great techniques just seconds after purchasing.

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This ebook is in PDF format. It will work on all computers running Windows 98 2nd Edition or later, and Macs running Mac OS 10.2.2 or later (for earlier Mac versions, click here). The programs, Adobe Reader and QuickTime, are needed. Most computers have these programs already. But if you don’t, you can download them easily and for free (we give you full instructions).

So take a deep breath and prepare yourself to put away all the money you thought you had to shell out to pay for extra music lessons — and use this 100% foolproof music note learning method to learn your music notes faster than you ever imagined.

Click here to order now, risk free, and start learning notes fast and easy — beginning today.

Thank you for joining us for another wonderful music hunger journey. We hope we helped you find a way to learn music notes and that we were able to explain to you why this is important.

We appreciate your share!

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