Listen to music – sometimes I forget to

Sometimes I forget to listen to music

Listen to music, sometimes I forget to – There are times when I just don’t notice I am surrounded in work and environments of silence, I don’t like it and it’s always affecting my mood.

In this article, I will try to discover the reasons behind it and find solutions on how to solve it once and for all.

I want my music back and I want to listen to music all day.

For me to discover that I’m not listening to music enough is very surprising, being aware of not doing the thing you love the most and not understanding why can be frustrating.

How is it happening? What is preventing me?

It”s affecting my life and needs to be changed

So let’s try to understand the reasons

When you grow up and start getting busy, life can begin to be more stressful with work every day and trying to achieve your goals. While doing things for progress and self development you become more aware of your time, resources and everything around it.

You can forget to do the things you love such as:

having fun


and sometimes you even forget who you are

Those things are happening
You just get lost for a moment and forget to enjoy the little things in life, if it’s happened to you, you don’t have to feel alone, I am with you!




In this picture I wear headset and enjoy the power of music
Look how happy I am

if it’s never happened to you consider yourself as one of the lucky ones

you were probably born with the perfect balance to know exactly how

you’re feeling and how to achieve what you want without struggling too much, you’re welcome to teach us how.

If it’s so important how can it be? how can I forget?

I think using the word forget is a little bit big,

I wouldn’t say that we forget the things we love really,

we forget to do them, in Life, we can change our priorities.

sometimes we don’t like it or sacrifice without paying attention even if this something that benefits us a lot.

It is a matter of prioritizing with time and growing up.

Our priorities change to what we need to do

Overtime you find yourself doing things we need to do and not things you like to do or love, I would use the term “rejecting the pleasures from our life”.

This is correct and completely fine to adopt for yourself a new and different situation to grow and achieve your goals but everything has its price and be sure not to pay too much.

What will be the solution?

Stay aware that you aren’t stopping yourself from doing the things you love, and don’t forget yourself for too long.

Enjoy it, this is the perfect journey if you choose to see it this way.

I would recommend writing to yourself what things make you happy,

what things spark in you a sense of satisfaction, love, and joy.

Make sure that these things are in your daily schedule.

So after discovering the reasons behind forgetting to do the things we love, let’s try to find some solutions.

What I will do to remind myself to do the things I love?

Listen to music in this case.

First of all

Connect to yourself so you’ll know what you love,

if you don’t just pay attention and you will feel it.

Try to write down what you like and want you will do to make it.

Put it where you can see it every day as a reminder.

Make yourself a shrine

This will be the place where all the things you love or little memories of them are, it will help you connect more easily to the things you love And remember to do them.

In my case it’s art and music, this is what makes me feel good.

It makes me feel excited all over my body and a true sense of joy.

Just the sound of the harmony makes my ears vibrate and my soul do the happy dance.

Every day is a new song, every morning is a new dance.

  • I collect all my favorite songs so that every morning I can wake up to a dance party from my alarm clock.

Make your environment correct for your spirits

  • Surround yourself with positive messages of the things you love, decorations, wall covers anything that can remind you and make you feel connected to it.

This way you can set up your mind to see and feel what you love everywhere you are, in your home in your car in your office.

Our environment is affecting us all the time.

Create an environment that is right for you and elevates your mood

Follow: blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook, groups,

websites related to the things you love

This way you can always learn something new about your passion

keep up and enjoy it every time you open your media

  • Surrounding your social media experience with small reminders and little moments of joy from the things you love.

keep going keep exploring but don’t forget:

To enjoy every moment of truth because you don’t have enough of them.

Let me finish with a correction sentence for the beginning sentence,

I take responsibility for doing the things I love to create a better life for myself and enjoy them in the best way that I can.

Do you have any more tips? We would love to hear your comments
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Don’t forget to listen to music

listen to music, Sometimes I forget to

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