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Music conversation how I started & why + video

Music conversation

In this music conversation we will talk about how I started making music, where it came from along with a few nice stories from my life. In the end of this article I will share with you a video that we’ve made specially for you.

Music conversation

When in your life did you start with music?
How did it feel?


The need for music and the feeling of music came to me from the moment I remember myself as a young child. I couldn’t decide what music I would hear and I didn’t have internet so I was influenced by the music in my environment. Overall I’ve always had the connection for music deep inside.

What happened next

I got exposed to new music with the help of friends which had opened my mind about international music and the world of music. You could say before I got into music and before I would hear finely I always had the freedom to choose what music to hear and develop.

Forming a band with friends

We were 4 friends and none of us knew how to play any musical instruments.
Each of us chose the musical instrument we wanted to use and started learning and had decided to set up the band – My choice was to be the vocalist and guitarist – plus I wrote the songs.

Music conversation
When it all started and when I still had short hair

It all started from an idea, we wanted to do something and so we did.
If I had the knowledge I have today I’m sure it would’ve work but firstly I had to learn the hard way.
I recall buying myself a book to study & my first guitar. That’s when I started to push forward.
Once I had the guitar, my preferred thing to do was to sit and play all day.
Music had become my life and after one month, I had already written and composed my first song.

Rehearsing and performing for the first time

We slowly learned to play, each one on his own instrument. We got the tools and started rehearsing in our own home.
We wrote songs for the band and did a lot of rehearsals and learned how to play while working on forming a band.

After the show we were able to buildup a lot of self-confidence from the reactions of the audience – people were in shock from the fact that we were 14-year-olds kids writing and composing our own songs.
No real music deviations from the heart.

Continuing to perform regularly and work on new songs

We would work hard regularly trying to create a situation where we could perform every week and also have new material to share with our audience. In speculation I think if we had more knowdlege in marketing and how the music world works, along with the right intention we could’ve created a very strong impact.

Unfortunately that was not the case and what could only do is to remember the beautiful time, treasuring the songs that we made and overall enjoy the great experiences created by this whole thing.

End of story

After we conquered a few cities and succeeded in our field, a stage came where we reached the age of 18 and in Israel that’s when everyone must go to the army – this is what caused the band to eventually break up.
A lot of things go on in life so you have to embrace what happens to learn from it and move on.

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