music hunger 2019 summary what we did in 2 months

Music hunger 2019 summary of what we did in 2 months

Music hunger 2019

What we did in 2 months!

Hello everyone and welcome to another music hunger story, this blog post is a special one, where we will talk about what we did in 2019. We’ve only existed for two months now and so I’ve added all of our action during this time.

Are you ready for it?

  • When did we start the music hunger blog; first steps
  • The articles we wrote
  • The platforms we opened

If that’s not enough

At the end of this article you will have a video – annual music hunger 2019 summary that we’ve made for you, because music is life!

Let’s get started! The music hunger 2019 summary article!

When did we start the music hunger blog?

We purchased the domain name and officially opened the site on 28.10.2019 Essentially we wanted to create a platform and community
music hunger |music blog| happy place for music lovers| a place you can put on your favorite music and enjoy the harmony of the sounds & learn about music.

music hunger 2019
The first try of logo I made for music hunger

We immediately started the fun work

This includes; organizing and thinking about content,
what our steps will be, and how we figure out what our audience needs from us in regards of help and entertainment.

The first step was to prepare this survey

Today’s music! Could we (try to) help solve your problems? 👀
Our goal is to create a creative and happy place for music lovers
Don’t miss out, take part and answer our survey 🙏✍️
It’s for music research purposes. – in music we trust 🤗

Our next step was to create an email list

music hunger 2019

Just for our dear and special people that we have found in this journey, if you would like to join and stay up to date you are welcome to join here.

Click here

Now we move on to the articles we wrote in 2019 or in these 2 months

One of the main goals we set to ourselves was to write & create quality/ original content about music that will teach and entertain our audience.

❣️ you❣️

Our list of articles from 28.10.19 until today !15 music blog posts!

Feel free to click on the script and continue to the article

This is blog post number 16, many more will come with the help of your support.

What platforms we’ve opened in the last 2 months (2019)

In the last two months, we have launched 5 platforms to promote & share our content to drive traffic to our dear music blog music hunger. The platforms are:

music hunger 2019 – 5 platforms

music hunger 2019
music hunger 2019

We also opened a bandcamp page to share with you the music we’ve created to allow you to support us

Just before we separated from 2019, I wanted to summarize everything in a short video that I’ve made

2 Months of music hunger – enjoy

Thank you so much for staying with us these last two months, it was amazing. We did a lot and we feel so proud of our music blog.


music hunger 2019

Thank you for joining us for another wonderful journey from the creators of music hunger. We appreciate and love you a lot!

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In music we trust