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My performance, and how they have stopped it in the middle

performance – a story from my life + video.

Let me tell you a story about one performance I had “Not everything is always sweet“. I found an old video from 10 years ago of when I was a kid. I’d gotten on the stage that I dreamed of and it was hard to watch. It gave me bad memories but reminded me of a good lesson from long ago; NEVER GIVE UP – NO MATTER WHAT

Video from

Independence Day 20,000 people on a big stage,my band and I with our original songs that we worked on in the last years

We growing up finely!

The story of this performance

It was kind of our dream to reach this stage
I think it was a milestone or maybe proof to ourselves that we were ready to go out into the big world and not stay in our small town where we were, everyone already knew us and all our friends were supportive – it was too easy.

The year before we failed the auditions to this show

I remember taking it very hard and I’d promised myself that the next time I would be on this stage, I’d make it happen with the help of very good friends and my band “step of faith” – we had lots of faith and so we did it , and worked very hard for it too.

What happened next?

We were very excited that we got accepted to this concert. We agreed to perform last in the show list (only the cool people are left to the end) so we didn’t really care and were happy to do it – we made 10 songs and they allowed us to do 8 so we worked on 8 songs for weeks and waited for the show.

The day of the show!

We played 4 songs and everything was going well. During our performance on stage, someone sent my friend to tell me that it was late and that the show had to stop – we had 4 more songs to play and a large audience that came specially for us was there.

We did try to resist

After all it’s the Independence Day & you can make as much noise as you want and were a rock band on stage with our audience shouting our name, we weren’t going to go down and not going anywhere.
We tried to make a small protest and it didn’t work.
The city plugged off the electricity from the stage and they sent us on our way.


In the next video, you will watch short parts from the show and the section where the city turn off the electricity to take us off the stage.

The lesson I have learned:

Many times in life especially in the world of music there may be people who do not like what you do – maybe for irrelevant reasons it would bother them or perhaps you are a competition for them. Most times these things remain unexplained.

Do not get excited

At the beginning of the article I said it was hard to watch it and
After I made the video and wrote the article I think I can laugh about it and even enjoy hearing the audience shouting our name.
Just look at the positive and never give up.

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