Producing the song so hard

Producing the song “so hard” was not so easy

The process of producing the song “so hard” from beginning to end

In this article I will tell you all about the producing process + the song so hard + video I made for you <3

We will talk about:

  • What influenced me to write the song
  • Writing & composing process
  • How I found my producer
  • Recording of the song
  • Release

The song “so hard” & video & our Bandcamp

Let’s start producing – what influenced me ?

This song is a love song so of course at the time I was in love with someone . It was a process of acceptance and understanding the ways of life. Sometimes if you really love someone you need to know how to let go in order to allow the other person to grow. This is what I call real love.


Along with this experience and the learning process, what also helped was a song I’d heard by Lennon. A specific one that gave me the idea for my own song.

The song that gave me the inspiration is John Lennon Hard Times Are Over

Writing & composing process

After I had the inspiration & the idea, I was able to write the song structure and play the guitar until I found the sounds I liked and started writing the lyrics on it.

After having the inspiration and idea, I was able to write the song structure and play the guitar until I came across the sounds I liked and started writing the lyrics.

The song structure was : opening part-part 1-bridge-course-part 2-bridge-course-solo-course.

Finding my producer & starting on producing my music

You could say I was lucky but not only,
I think the very fact that I was so busy making my music
and being involved in groups made me noticed by others, along with asking questions to figure out how to do things better.
I’ve come to know my producer by asking a question on Facebook about mixing my music.

 finding my producer

After a good conversation we decided that we wanted to collaborate and produce 4 songs – we started with the song “so hard”.
We built the song and the order of the musical instrument entry,
found musicians to play the different parts and
after some rehearsing we were ready to start recording.

The song we used as preference was – ’74 ’75 ~The Connells – of course I took it in my own direction and style.

Recording \ Producing the song

We recorded and produced the song “so hard” in the Kinneret College studios. I was lucky once again as my dear producer that I’ve come to know happened to be a sound engineer for a college and so I had the opportunity to use equipment there.

I rented an apartment the musicians and I and brought along a photographer. We went on a journey of creation and production which took 3 days. It was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about the production process and the music world.

What it takes to accomplish your goal and how much work it takes to produce one song of high quality

Releasing the song

This may have been the hardest part of the whole process for me, everything didn’t work out as I had planned; the mix was not ready in time, the photographer claimed he didn’t have enough material to make the video, and I felt disappointed that after all this hard work we had nothing in the end.

What happened next

After a period of maybe 3 months I finally got the mix. I asked the photographer for the materials he was filming and made a video clip by myself, I did everything in my strength to make it come out and happen.

And so the song “so hard” born.

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Video of the song that I made for you

The song “so hard” on YouTube

Thank you for joining us for another wonderful journey on music hunger. We hope you liked this article and appreciate your share -music hunger team

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