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Artist Spotlight : shlomi levitation –

”Ever since I can remember, I spent most of my free time making music.”

started with music

At the age of 14, shlomi levitation started with music his first song made out of the only 4 first chords he could play and speaks about the death of is sister. soon shlomi realized that making music is the greatest passion in is life. its gives him the feeling to both create and give something to people.

traveled in Germany, London, Greece, and Hungary, over time gained knowledge, experience & friends, shlomi keep making music for fun in is home studio and sometimes shure it when he feel like it

After many years of traveling and learning about the beauty of music of our world, he meet a good friend and started is own music blog and line of designs. ( In this line of work, I hope to bring the same feeling of connection with elemental forces that have given me so much strength in life that I once needed.

The only thing missing in life is often the realization that we have lost touch or connection with our most important inner feelings, and through this blog, I hope you can regain that spark.

shlomi music Artist Spotlight

Shlomi makes different music styles He has songs in Hebrew He has songs in English He has electronic songs and songs without words You can find the music in the following links

shlomi levitation soundcloud – very old one

shlomi levitation youtube – yes – its music hunger youtube 🙂

facebook page of shlomi levitation

shlomi levitation

levitation blog

shlomi blog is music hunger blog – this blog all made out of love to music and for you to enjoy

you can listen to one of shlomi levitation english song here – so hard

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