Talk about music Q&A, video interview + 2 articles.

Talk about music Q&A With yannick & Shlomi part 1

Many times when we sit together and talk, there are all kinds of music related questions coming up.
Following an interesting conversation we had, we decided to make you a video on the subject, Following the fact that I remember that this is a blog, you get a new blog post and in addition a video.

So let’s start – music Q&A.

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Talk about music Question 1:

What makes music magical for you?

The answer:

Music is a way to release your emotions
Music is a way of existence
You can feel the music every second – happy or sad
Music is life

talk about music - music is magic

Talk about music Question 2:

At what point did you feel that your abilities allowed you to join in playing with other people?

The answer:

The moment I decided to be able to play with others was the moment I was afraid to do it.

From that moment, I started training my ears to be able to join in with other people as they play.

It took a long time to train until I felt I could join other musicians.

The moment I came to feel confident was the moment I recognized that I was able to score the right character

responses from people, and those around me who liked my improvisation skills had also helped boost confidence in myself.

If you want to learn more about how to be more free while jamming.

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What gave me the strength to make it happen?

 In my case is the inability to play with another person triggered my need to reach that level because then I needed to do it for myself.

talk about music

talk about music Question 3:

Do you think young musicians are too scared to go on stage today while all they need to do is follow their dreams?

The answer:

Getting on stage to perform is not something that is simple to do,

Like anything you do in your life you should always create some confidence.

Nothing good comes easy, we have to work for it.

I remember myself as a young musician on stage shaking from fear

I couldn’t breathe – I did it anyway because I felt I owed it to myself.

After a lot of effort and some time I started to feel it wasn’t that bad.

I learned to love it and to enjoy it, I began to believe in myself that I could do it without being so scared all the time.

Just keep doing – don’t get used to it because it’s fun to be scared sometimes and get excited before a performance.

Enjoy the process.

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Now is the moment for the video we’ve made for you

yannick & Shlomi interview music Q&A – Let’s talk about it – enjoy

If you have any more questions about music, we would love to hear and maybe make another video just for you.

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