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The song “Here we go again” Producing – Release & story

The song “Here we go again” and the process of producing it from start to finish, by: Shlomi Levitation

In this article I will tell you all about

  • The story behind the song – what inspired me?
  • Writing & composing process
  • Producing process + Fiver work
  • Release on Youtube and bandcamp

Here we go again – Let’s start!

The story behind the song “Here we go again”

In 2016 I was living in the Dead Sea, which in fact is the lowest point on Earth – I felt the need to get inspired and felt the need to flee the city after a not so simple time spent there.

“Here we go again” talks about love, what happened is that after two months of living in nature I came across a woman who gave me a lot of inspiration, you can say it was love at first sight.

We spent an incredible number of days together but then she had to go back to the ”real world” – I felt I could no longer stay at the same point and I needed to do something.

the song here we go again
A picture from the beach I used to live on – Metsuki Dargot
  The Dead Sea

Writing & composing process

I returned from the beach to my home recording studio with so much
inspiration and so much love that I grabbed my guitar and started writing the song “Here we go again”. I felt like a river flowing out music and words with so much power at that time.

Shortly after I started recording part after part and it all came so naturally so fast and I knew what I wanted and in three days I had the first version of the song with 2 guitars, 1 bass, drums, and my vocals.

I sent it to the girl and asked if I could visit her (she said yes in case you’re wondering)

Producing process

After putting this song out there for the woman I loved and once I had her heart, I’d left it in the cloud without a mix many years ago. Something in these recent times has made me want to go back to things from the past and finish them.

The memory of love for music creativity and the opportunity to be part of the creative force in our world left me with no choice

I went to the site Fiver and looked for someone who could make my song quality rock and ready for release! – guess what – I found him!

stryfer Level 2 Seller Reviews (1k+) thank you so much for the good work! This man made my song much better in a very short time.

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Release of the song here we go again on youtube and bandcamp

Time to hear the music !

Of course, like every time, the main goal is to let the audience enjoy the music you create and hope to make a positive impact on people, so I welcome you to join the beautiful music hunger family. Learn,enjoy, and listen to music!

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