song I produced

The song I produced with midi keyboard

It was a pleasantly fun experience producing a song independently at my home.

In this article we will talk about my process in the world of music production and how to create music just as I did. For example, the song I produced with the help of Ableton Live recording software + my Midi keyboard M – AUDIO CODE 49

The song I produced: It’s not easy

  • What inspired me
  • How I performed the process and what tools I used
  • The song “it’s not easy” on Youtube and Bandcamp

Let’s start the song that I produced

Music engagement, learning and development are a big part of my life. I run this blog, write music, create articles, and continue to learn something new every day.

As a matter of fact, in this process I was trying to teach myself to use the new Midi keyboard that I’d bought from the company m-audio as well as to play the piano + produce music in the Ableton Live software by myself from home.

What inspired me

What I usually do is play acoustic instruments,write lyrics, melodies, prepare the song structure and then finally record it.

In this musical section I used a different method in order to create my first electronic piece of music. All with the help of my recording software and my keyboard code 49.
I worked with the tools that I had and my inspiration came from someone who had employed me in the past, as he didn’t pay my salary while I was suffering from an injury.

So I took all these difficult feelings and I went into the room. With this in mind I connected all my equipment and started creating and learning for 3 days non-stop.

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How I performed the process and what tools I used

I watched a tutorial for Ableton Live software after purchasing it and then a tutorial for my midi keyboard code 49 .
I followed the instructions of a piano course on how to play right (this one), used the built-in musical instruments of Ableton software and connected it to my control keyboard through a sound card.

The process was easy and above all I really enjoyed it. Additionally I created more than 6 musical instrumentals in a short and effective amount of time.

Watch the song “It’s not easy” on Youtube

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To sum it up

Thank you for joining us for another wonderful music hunger journey

We hope you liked this song “It’s not easy” & this article

If you want to start creating with a keyboard I highly recommend the keyboards I use

M-Audio Code 49 | USB MIDI Controller With 49-Key Sensitive Keybed, X/Y Pad, 16 Velocity Sensitive Trigger Pads & A Full-Consignment of Production/Performance Ready Controls

If you want to learn how to play the piano, I recommend this course because it has given me lots of knowledge in a short amount of time.

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