my Ukulele cover song-my version VS original

My ukulele cover song – my version VS original+video

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My Ukulele cover song “Tonight You Belong To Me” from the movie “The Jerk”

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Let’s start! – The story behind my cover

Ever since I was a kid I remember humming this song to myself after watching the movie The Jerk, I never remembered the name of the movie or the name of the song, only later I found out. I just had this song in my mind and kept singing it to myself from time to time unsure of where to find it or where did it come from.

My Ukulele cover song – How did I make my own version?

It all started when I fell in love with this amazing musical instrument called ukulele. Something inside of me wanted to express the sounds that played in my mind and finally I’d found the right instrument for it.

But I didn’t have the knowledge!

How does the song go? What are the chords of the song? What are the lyrics of the song? I didn’t have any of it, only the melody in my head and a few words. I decided to make my version until one dayt I found out what the name of the real song was. I just had to play it and make this song happen, and also leave my mind to the physical world

It inspired me to play the ukulele

My version of the song I recorded 2 Ukulele 2 vocals

All that I did remember was the same part from the song, 2 vocals, and 2 Ukulele parts. I kind of changed the chords and the chorus as I like to create things my way, and as I mentioned I didn’t know how the song really goes nor had the name of it or of the movie. Therefore I improvised to get it out of my head- 🙂

I grabbed my precious Ukulele and I opened the recording software Ableton live and created something.

audio of the song i recorded 2 Ukulele 2 vocals

My Ukulele cover song video – My version VS original – live

After a few years I found the original song and was eventually able to learn it. Finally I knew what the words and chords were. So I thought it could be nice to make a video and tell this story.

video cover My version VS original – live

This musical process that I went through with the song and the ukulele taught me music, gave me confidence and was lots of fun.

This was my story about my ukulele cover song

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And of course we will end with the original song “Tonight You Belong To Me” from the movie “The Jerk” and give the credit that’s deserved.